Challenge Description

What are your ideas to turn unknown into known fans by offering innovative personalised digital fan experiences?
How would you use content, digital channels and situations to identify and address fans worldwide?
How do we connect international fan communities?

What’s the problem/ task?

Finding a new way to engage with fans and non-fans in order to increase brand awareness, loyalty and revenue.



With our product, we are directly tackling how to unearth new fans and personalising magic moments. Our prototype is able to accomplish scanning and rating user generated content, and build richer data profiles for increased targeting and personalisation. No more the incapability of not knowing how to motivate fans to help build a bigger community and measuring the impact.


Our product is special because we have created a club-first content reward platform which provides the ability to detect and analyse fan’s social impact (not only reach but actual engagement), and enrich a club with additional interests data of not just their users but also their user’s wider network.

#mobile commerce #mobile interaction #community building #fan experience #fan activation #personalized experiences #gamification #fan acquisition

Source Code


Jermaine Ijieh

Master Mind

Tilo Siewert

Digital Strategist

Joram Soch

API Developer

Michael Holtermann

Backend Developer

Harsh Kabra

Frontend Developer